How to Open a Mercedes Key Fob

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Mercedes-Benz Key Fob

Mercedes Benz owners will eventually need to change the battery in their key fob. This will only come up every couple of years in normal circumstances. One thing to keep in mind regarding the life of your key fob battery is that if you store it in a location very close to the vehicle it will run down faster. For example if the key fob is kept in a drawer in the garage a few feet away from the car you see a reduced key fob battery life because the key fob is constantly “talking” to the car. 

Many Mercedes Benz dealerships will replace your key fob battery for free if you service with them, but it is very easy to change the battery yourself. 

Below are the steps for opening the current Mercedes Key Fob that was introduced on the 2017 E class and that is found on most brand new Mercedes Benz Vehicles. 

How to replace a Mercedes Key Fob Battery

  1. Flip the key fob upside down. You will see a small square button recessed in the metallic body of the key fob. 
  2. Press and hold the small square button as far down as you can.
  3. Grasp the black bottom cover of the key fob. (It may be glossy black or matte black depending on which car you have) And pull up and away.
  4. With the cover removed locate the small drawer on the side of the key fob. Use a fingernail to slide it out. This is where the battery is located. 
  5. Replace the battery; making sure it is facing the same way the old battery was. Slide the small drawer back in and reassemble the key fob. 

There is also another style of key fob on some new Mercedes vehicles such as the GT, SL, and SLC models and on other older vehicles. The process is a little different. 

  1. At the base of the key fob there is a small sliding switch, push it to the side and pull out the valet key.
  2. Use the valet key to push a small switch that is now visible inside the key fob. With enough pressure the back panel of the key fob will start to lift.
  3. Use your nail to lift the back panel off. The battery will now be visible. Turn the key fob back right side up and hit it into the palm of your hand to force the battery out. 
  4. Insert the new battery and reassemble the key fob. 

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