How to Use Mercedes-Benz Navigation

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Mercedes COMAND Navigation

Mercedes Benz navigation systems are some of the most advanced available in any new car. However, many new owners can struggle to understand the functionality of the nav system if it was not explained to them at the time of delivery. There are currently multiple different versions of the system depending on which vehicle you have and what model year it was built. 

How to Use MBUX Navigation

The most recent version of Mercedes infotainment system is called MBUX and it is a significant upgrade over the previous system; including touch screen functionality and a new voice assistant similar to what you would find on a smartphone. You’ll find MBUX on many new Mercedes Benz vehicles such as the 2020 GLE, GLS, GLC, and GLB. As well as the brand new CLA class, A class. As other models are updated they will receive the upgrade to MBUX as well.

  1. Access the navigation by either pushing the “NAV” button on the center console or the “NAV” icon on the homescreen. 
  2. There is a search bar at the bottom of the screen. Click on it using the touchscreen or touchpads and it will expand to show you a keyboard. 
  3. Type the address, business name, or specific place you are trying to navigate to and press “Search”
  4. The screen will show you a list of potential results. Click on the correct one and the screen will show you more details about that result. There will be a large arrow icon on the right and you can click that to begin navigating.  

Alternatively, with the new MBUX voice command system you can simply say “Hey Mercedes”, you’ll hear a chime and can then say something like “navigate to Disneyland” or “find the nearest coffee shop” and the system will intelligently show you results. 

How to Use Mercedes COMAND Navigation

Recent but earlier Mercedes models will use a version of the system called NTG 5.5 and the navigation process is different. These models include S Class, E Class, C class, GT, and G Wagon.

  1. Press the physical “NAV” button on the center console or select “NAV” from the homescreen. 
  2. Move your COMAND controller wheel to the right or swipe to the right on the touchpad to open the top level menu. 
  3. Click on “Destination” which will be the first choice, the screen will change to show you fields to enter an address or search for a business name. 
  4. Press the COMAND wheel towards the front of the car or pull backwards to highlight the field you want to enter. Select it and the screen will change so you can see the letters of the alphabet. 
  5. Begin typing the information appropriate for the field you have selected, such as a street name or city. As you type, the suggestions at the top of the screen will update so you may not have to type the whole word. Select the result you want. 
  6. After you have typed in the address there is a button towards the bottom of the screen that says “Start”. Click to begin navigating.   

Like in MBUX you can also use voice commands to enter a destination but the process is more complicated. There is a more rigid script you must follow and it is not as conversational as the voice control in MBUX. After pressing the voice command button on the right side of your steering wheel. A voice prompt will play and the screen will display a list of commands that the system understands. It will be more accurate if you speak slowly and closely follow the prompts that it gives you on the screen and through the car’s speakers. 

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